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NuBBLe III - Pre season begins!

Hello sports fans,

It is time to start preparing for the coming season.
3rd Season of NuBBLe starts in August/September. League returns after being absent for a few years because of financial difficulties.
It is still unclear how many teams will participate in this years competition but there have been a lot of talk that atleast 8 teams will be taking part.

In the coming weeks/months we will be focusing on few of the teams that are going to be challenging for the title.
So, without further delay, lets take a look at the yet to be named Nurgle Team.
Coming season will be a first one for this rotting bunch of rookies. I hope they will bring a breath of "fresh" air into the league.

Lets meet the team.
Headcoach - "The Rotting One"

Star Player




The Beast of Pestilence

And the backroom staff

Well, that team looks like they mean business!
In next weeks episode Headcoach Rotting One will be revealing the name of the team and maybe even their new …

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