Friday, 27 May 2016

NuBBLe III - Pre season begins!

Hello sports fans,

It is time to start preparing for the coming season.
3rd Season of NuBBLe starts in August/September. League returns after being absent for a few years because of financial difficulties.
It is still unclear how many teams will participate in this years competition but there have been a lot of talk that atleast 8 teams will be taking part.

In the coming weeks/months we will be focusing on few of the teams that are going to be challenging for the title.
So, without further delay, lets take a look at the yet to be named Nurgle Team.
Coming season will be a first one for this rotting bunch of rookies. I hope they will bring a breath of "fresh" air into the league.

Lets meet the team.
Headcoach - "The Rotting One"

Star Player




The Beast of Pestilence

And the backroom staff

Well, that team looks like they mean business!
In next weeks episode Headcoach Rotting One will be revealing the name of the team and maybe even their new kit? Cant wait for it.


Miniatures from above are from Willy Miniatures. This team was funded by kickstarter in February 2016. 
Also included in my pledge, on top of the models above, was a set of block dice, chainsaw guy and a chaos warrior.

Im glad I decided to back this KS. Will start painting these during the weekend. But first I must clean and wash them.

Oh, one more thing.
Picture of The Pain Park (main arena for the NuBBLe)

I will take new pictures of the models and arena during the weekend, these ones are quite bad. 



Monday, 23 May 2016

I know what I am going to do this summer!

Yep, like the title imply im going to be doing lots of painting this summer.

I know, I know I've made these kind of plans before too. But this time it is different. Im actually very motivated to paint a lot of stuff.
Because I have a huge pile of unpainted miniatures for different games.

So what do I have in store?

Lets start with the new arrivals.

I bought Silver Tower because I never owned the original WHQ. I had Advanced Heroquest and it was a great game so the anticipation for this were high.
I was little disappointed that the rules were changed (no leveling up) but after reading through the rules im eager to start playing this.
But first Im going to paint the minis that are included in the box.
I got so excited about the miniatures, extra heroes and app that I almost ordered AoS starter set! Maybe later in the summer, after the new rule sets are released, I will buy it. Maybe?

Then there is Blood Bowl.
I love this game more than anything else. I've been playing it since late eighties. I have few teams still unpainted and few that I will most likely repaint. I might do a before and after thing with them as I think my painting is bit better than it was 6 years ago when I returned to miniature painting and gaming.

But first im going to paint the new team I just picked up from the post office.
More from that later in the week. Will also post pictures of my home made stadium!

Horus Heresy

The current painting project I started last week is to complete my Sons of Horus force. Im taking part in E Tenebrae Lux V a painting challenge arranged by Bolter & Chainsword.
I have vowed to paint 1999 points during this event.
Included in my vow are the following units.
Terminator Preator (FW exclusive model)
Legion Terminator Squad with Spartan
Tactical Support Squad with Volkite Calivers
Heavy Support Squad with Missile Launchers
Sicaran Battle Tank

After these I have plans to paint all the minis from Zombicide Black Plague and Imperial Assault and all its expansions.

And when those are done its time to concentrate to 30k again. On my to do list are Legio Cybernetica, Knight House and yet unpurchased God Engine!

That is all for now, will make a post about Blood Bowl on friday and after that will post pics of my progress in ETL V.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

It has been a while...

Well, first post of the year.
First months of the year has been quiet but I have managed to paint (or have started painting) few new units that will hopefully be ready before the end of the month.

For Sons I have started on a Reaver Squad, Justaerin Squad, Contemptor and Abaddon. These are all about 80% ready.

I also started Ultramarines. I have three units from BaC box nearly finished. Terminator Captain, Terminator Squad and Contemptor.

WIP picture
When I finish these there will be new pics of every unit. Taken with a new and proper camera! (so you can see my mistakes better)

While my two Legions are still on early stages I have decided to start 2 more armies shortly. First one will be a Imperial Knight army, most likely House Vornherr with 5 Knights in it. Second one is going to be Legio Cybernetica Cohort with Mechanicum Knights and a Titan! (and Skitarii)
I have not yet decided the Forge World this force comes from but im leaning towards Atar-Median with Legio Atarus and Col'Khak Collective.

And between all this I still need to build my new gaming table and start with the city fight board.

Until next time!

Friday, 27 November 2015

New arrivals, 1st year of AOW

I had to make a second post today. I just realised Art'O'War has been live for a year!
Wow, time flies, eh?

Didnt post as much as I thought I would but I can promise I WILL be more active during the second year.

Now, received few packages today.
First one was from FW. It was the White Scars upgrade pack. Dont have any pics of those because they are already having a bath. And you all know what they look like.
Incase you dont you can see them here.

We all know that FW can be bit expensive but man, the conversion rate from pounds to euro is horrible at the moment. It is about 25% more than it was about a year ago. I hope it will drop soon so I can make more purchases from them. It is almost cheaper to buy from ebay bits sellers...

I also received second package today. Inside it was some spray primers and few pots of paint I didnt have and needed to paint my Justaerins and White Scars.

But there was also this...

Now I think I have enough scenery for my City. This plus 2 Imperial sectors, Fortress of Redemption, bastions, pipes, rubble tank traps....
Construction begins soon...

Dreadtober Pt. III - Better late than never

My entry for Dreadtober is ready. Actually its been ready for few weeks but I didnt have time to take any pics until today.

While it looks good to me Im not 100% satisfied with the final result.
I might do some rework to it when I have completed enough models to play BaC.

Well, here are the pics. Not great but all I have is my phone so no better ones until I have enough money to buy a new camera.

More pics next week.
On the table at the moment:

For White Scars
Terminator Praetor
Cataprachti Termie Squad
Veteran Tactical Squad

For Sons of Horus
Justaerian Terminator Squad
Veteran Tactical Squad
Veteran Tactical Squad
Mortis Choomtemptor Dread

Thats alot! Hopefully all are built before next friday. I have about 40% ready, im missing pads for the White Scar tactical squad but they should arrive early next week.
So less talk, more action!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dreadtober Pt. II - Change of plans

One week in and im already in "trouble". I have nothing to show!
Have to admit that I wont be able to complete my Stompa in time so I have decided to go with plan B.

Sons of Horus Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought with Two Kheres Assault Cannons
(pose is not final and I still might add some bits to it )

I ordered some paints from FW last week so hopefully they arrive soon so I can start painting.
Also included in my order was weapons for my 2nd Mortis, two Chooooom! cannons. ;o)

More to come...

Friday, 9 October 2015

Dreadtober??? Okay, im in!

So, FIVE months since my last post. Summer has gone so time to get back to hobbying.

I saw this post about Dreadtober on Faeit 212 and thought why not! 

I have couple of Sons of Horus Conteptors on my table waiting to be painted (and/or build).

BUT, they are now the fallback option if I fail to complete this beast...

I ordered this yesterday and just picked it from the post office.

Im not sure I'll be able to finish it but I'll do my best!

You can find the original Dreadtober 2015 page here.